Our shoot was only supposed to be one day, but after Spencer looked over the footage, he was determined that we could do better. I trusted his opinion, and we ended up filming my best music video to date. There’s something special about his determination, creativity, and drive as a filmmaker, you can just see it. I hope to be part of it again.
-Zach Settle, Artist (@ZachSettle)

One of the best experiences in my career because he knew what it was like to be an actor and to get that actor into character. The level of professionalism is exceedingly high as he was calm and patient during stressful situations; which made the process of filming way much easier. You could feel the passion and hard work he puts into his films and the high energy is contagious.
-Jasper Capalad, Actor (@JasperCapalad)

Spencer helped me tell my personal story of my humble burger shack, Uncle Boy’s, by producing a short film, “The Uncle Boy,” which has garnered the most interactions out of any post we’ve ever put out. Shortly after this, I was contacted to be on local radio and even have articles written about my story.  The best part about all of it has been the way our customer base and the community has been organically interacting and communicating with us through it all. Business has definitely improved since. Spencer is here to help businesses and entrepreneurs like myself overcome the challenges that they may not overcome on their own, I know this because they helped me with the challenges Uncle Boy’s was facing and beyond.
-John "Blessed" Espejo, Owner of Uncle Boys (@UncleBoys)

"I cannot die, because this is my universe." -Lil Uzi Vert